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Program Overview

Cleaner Fleets - Cleaner Air is a collaborative program involving Central Ohio Clean Fuels Coalition and Northeast Ohio Clean Fuels Coalition to conduct outreach to government and business vehicle fleets and educate fleet personnel, managers and government officials about cleaner American fuels and vehicles (AFVs) including biodiesel, natural gas, propane, ethanol, hybrid electric, battery electric and hydrogen/fuel cells. The longer term goal is to assist businesses and governments in deploying and using of these fuels and vehicles.

The program is funded by Ohio Air Quality Development Authority, Ohio Office of Energy Efficiency, Ohio Soybean Council, Ohio Propane Education and Research Council and others. Both collaborators are designated as "Clean Cities" coalitions by the U.S. Department of Energy. Their missions focus on improving air quality and increasing national energy security.

Cleaner American fuels and vehicle technologies offer significant air quality benefits. Specifics vary according to fuels and vehicles but can include reductions in ground level ozone precursors, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, toxic pollutants and carbon dioxide (life cycle basis). Moreover, a well-planned and executed fleet AFV program can contain or even reduce transportation costs while effectively addressing technical issues. Cleaner Fleets - Cleaner Air borrows from successful strategies other fleets have used when implementing such programs.

The Cleaner Fleets - Cleaner Air program consists of three basic components:

1. Fleet Outreach / Events: Organizers presented a conference, attended by fleet personnel and others, on June 16 at the University of Toledo. The event provided information about all American fuels, fleet implementation lessons learned, available products, grant funding sources and more. Organizers and local sponsors will hold similar day long event on November 13 at Sinclair Community College. Other seminars/outreach meetings have taken place in the Cleveland and Columbus areas and additional events are under development.

2. Fleet Follow Up: Based on outcomes from these initial events/outreach meetings, the collaborators will work with groups of fleets based on physical proximity, types of vehicles, government vs. private, and/or fuels of interest. Coalition staff will help fleets evaluate specific AFV options, conduct cost/benefit analyses, address technical issues and identify potential funding sources.

3. Ongoing Project Development and Technical Support: Both coalitions will continue working with individual and groups of fleets to deploy vehicles and refueling infrastructure - whether that means project scoping, analyses of options, presentations to decision-making bodies or individuals, technical support, development of funding proposals and troubleshooting. Some of this may be offered on a fee for service basis.

Please contact Sam Spofforth, Central Ohio Clean Fuels Coalition at (614) 292-5435, [email protected] or Stephanie Strong, Northeast Ohio Clean Fuels Program at (216) 281-6468, [email protected]. We look forward to working with fleets from around Ohio.

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