Dedicated Electric Vehicles (DEVs) run on batteries charged from an outlet or charging station. Emissions are produced from electricity generation but not from the vehicles themselves. They are very inexpensive to operate and maintain because the electrical power is very inexpensive compared with the same energy content from other fuels, and the lack of an internal combustion engine and fuel system drastically reduces the number of moving parts. Low and moderate speed electric vehicles can be slow charged by plugging them into a conventional home outlet.

DEV Characteristics

¨ Limited ranges compared with gasoline vehicles
¨ Many options for niche applications - often very cost effective
¨ Most common option is 110 volt - "low speed" electrics, charged with conventional household wall outlet, travel up to 25 miles per hour, legal in Ohio on streets of 35 mph or less, travel about 30 miles between charges, fully charged from total discharge in 8 hours, various design and payload options, costs typically $6-10,000.
¨ Other voltage and charging systems options available, particularly for niche applications, e.g. airport specialty support vehicles.

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