How to Buy Clean, American Fuel Vehicles

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Purchasing AFVs for your fleet or yourself involves many considerations, e.g. refueling, maintenance, how and where vehicles will be used, and others. Before you actually buy an AFV, we encourage you to contact Central Ohio Clean Fuels Coalition at (614) 292-5435. We can help you work through your decision and give you support after your purchase. With our help we're confident that your experience will be positive and you will want to buy more AFVs.

Used AFVs:
One of the best kept AFV secrets is that buying used can save a ton of money. Used AFVs are often less expensive than a comparable, e.g. same mileage, age and condition, used petroleum fueled vehicle. Buying one is easier than you think. Start here (future link) to learn more about where to buy in Central Ohio and elsewhere.

CNG Auto Sales - CNG Auto Sales specializes in selling used compressed natural gas vehicles. Normally, you will find prices of vehicles to be less than a comparable gasoline or diesel vehicle. They also offer excellent service on the vehicles they sell. See a sample of vehicles (future link) currently available and/or call them at (740) 623-2186.

New AFVs:
Visit the Vehicle Buyers Guide (VBG) to get specifications on new light and heavy duty vehicles available from manufacturers and learn about incentives that might exist. At the bottom of the VBG page you can choose links to information designed for fleets or individual consumers.

AFV Dealers in Ohio:
The information below can help you connect with nearby sources for AFVs. As always, feel free to contact the Coalition at (614) 292-5435 for help in working with any dealer.

Daimler-Chrysler does not have an authorized AFV dealer program. However, you may look at their product line on their web site, to learn more then contact Sam Spofforth with COCFC at (614) 292-5435 for assistance in locating a dealer.

We recommend contacting John Cowan at Graham Ford at (614) 464-6000 or [email protected]. Graham has sold Ford AFVs for many years. They are an authorized Ford AFV dealer and a member of COCFC. You may visit Ford's AFV web site, to learn more about Ford's AFVs.

Germain Ford is another authorized Ford AFV dealer. Their number is (614) 889-7777.

General Motors:
We recommend you contact Jeff Kenerly, [email protected] at Haydocy Automotive (614) 279-8880 or if you are interested in any GM AFV. Haydocy was the first certified GM dealer in Central Ohio and is a member of COCFC. You might also visit GM's American fuel vehicle web site, , to learn more.

You also may contact Jack Maxton Chevrolet at (614) 236-1040. Maxton is another authorized GM AFV dealer.

We recommend contacting Andrew Chiarelli at Motorcars Honda at (216) 932-2400 x224 or (216) 406-7001 (cell) if you are interested in the Honda Civic GX natural gas vehicle or any of Honda's hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). Most other Honda dealers will be able to help you with the HEVs.

Toyota also does not have an authorized dealer program. However most Toyota dealers should be able to help you purchase the Prius, Toyota's HEV. Toyota makes a few other AFVs but does not sell them in the Central Ohio market.





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