Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles are a complete technological departure from internal combustion or other conventional vehicle drive train systems. Hydrogen must be reformed from another feedstock, e.g. natural gas, conventional gasoline, a bio based fuel or similar source, before or after it is dispensed to the vehicle. It reacts with oxygen in the fuel cell to produce electricity that powers the vehicle plus water as a byproduct. Prototype hydrogen fuel cells are under development by all major automakers. While the technology holds great promise, most experts believe that commercial production of fuel cell vehicles will take 10-20 more years.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Manufacturers

All the major automotive manufacturers have a fuel cell vehicle either in development or in testing right now — Honda, Toyota, DaimlerChrysler, GM, Ford, Hyundai, Volkswagen — you name it. They speculate that the fuel cell vehicle will not be commercialized until at least 2004. For more information on fuel cells in transportation, check out the online fuel cell transportation mini-site.



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