Links to More Information about Clean American Fuels and Vehicles

Alternative Fuel Data Center: This is the definitive information site on alternative (or American) fuels. Get basic to highly technical information on all fuels, refueling infrastructure, research, various periodicals, and much more. The searchable database is excellent.

AFV Fleet Buyer's Guide: This is the site for prospective buyers of AFVs. Select either fleet or consumer buyer, then gain access to a wealth of information on vehicle specs, fuels, refueling, incentives, and much more.

U.S. Department of Energy, Clean Cities Program: This is the web site for Clean Cities, a DOE program that facilitates locally-based public-private partnerships to deploy American fuel vehicles and refueling infrastructure. It includes links to funding information, DOE contacts, annual conference, Alternative Fuels News, pictures, data and much more -

Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition: This site includes information about natural gas vehicles, research, policy and more including a used vehicles-for-sale component. (Kurt, double check this link. It wouldn't open up for me.)

National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition: Very informative site on E95 (ethanol for vehicles) filled with up to date announcements, policy, technical information, newsletters, members-only section and much more.

Propane Vehicle Council: Considerable information related to propane powered vehicles including new products, conversions, policy, statistics and more -

National Biodiesel Board: Outstanding site concerning all aspects of biodiesel. Numerous examples of fleets using biodiesel, substantial research and data in a searchable database, fact sheets and much more -

Electric Drive Transportation Association: Substantial information sources about vehicles with electric drive trains, whether hybrid electric or dedicated - product information, government policies, research, and much more

General Motors AFVs:

Ford AFVs:

Honda of America:

Daimler-Chrysler AFVs:

Searchable Database of Additional Links: Go to this link in order to find dozens or hundreds of additional links organized into a database that is searchable by choosing from listed topics or typing in a key word or name of an organization -





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