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Our members are concerned about energy security, the environment and our economic future. They include individuals, private companies, colleges and universities, students and teachers, trade associations, environmental and health non-profits, local and state governments, and owners and fleet users of American fuel vehicles. Membership dues are an important source of funding for the organization and its work.


Benefits of Membership:
—Quarterly Newsletter, Clean Fuels Today
—Timely Email Updates
—Access to Technical, Policy and Other Information
—Meetings/Networking Opportunities

—Your membership helps support our work to improve air quality, increase energy security, and support Ohio’s economy by advancing American fuels and efficient vehicles.

Dues are set on a sliding scale for individuals and multiple categories of government, non-profit, and business members. Please see and download the membership form for details. Checks are made payable to “Central Ohio Clean Fuels Coalition” or “COCFC.”

Opportunities to Get More Involved:

Aside from providing financial support, some of our members choose to support our mission by serving on a committee, helping with a program or project, or just spreading the word. Please email or call us at (614) 292-5435 to learn more. In addition, the best way to support these efforts is to use biodiesel, natural gas, propane, ethanol, or other American transportation fuels by buying an AFV or fuel efficient vehicle for your transportation needs.



Central Ohio Clean Fuels Coalition

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Phone: (614) 292-5435 • Fax: (614) 688-4111

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