Natural Gas is composed mostly of methane from underground reserves or cleansed gasses from landfills or coalmines. It is the cleanest burning vehicle combustion fuel aside from hydrogen. Compressed natural gas (CNG) is stored on-board in high-pressure cylinders and is generally sold for 30% less cost by energy content compared with regular gasoline. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is nearly pure methane that has been cryogenically cooled to -260F. It is not currently sold in Ohio. However, interest within Ohio is building for this fuel because it is particularly well suited to heavy-duty applications.

Natural Gas (Compressed) (CNG)

¨ Consists mainly of methane; plentiful domestic fossil-based or bio-based/renewable supplies
¨ Safer to use than regular gasoline in storage, dispensing, and on board vehicle
¨ Performance comparable or better compared with gasoline or diesel vehicles
¨ Significantly less emissions across the board compared with gasoline and diesel.
¨ Lower maintenance costs compared with engines using gasoline. Maintenance costs compared with diesel may be more or less.
¨ Vehicle range is usually less with standard equipment but comparable with optional extra tanks.
¨ Refueling Infrastructure: "fast fill" refueling requires same time as gasoline refueling but requires expensive compressors and dispenser systems; "time fill" systems are more affordable.
¨ Numerous original equipment manufacturer (OEM) offerings in automobile, light and medium duty trucks, buses, and vans, and various heavy-duty vehicles
¨ "Dedicated" vehicles run on only CNG; "bifuel" will run on CNG or regular gasoline.
¨ Modest but significant GHG emissions reductions on life-cycle basis compared with petroleum.

Natural Gas (Liquefied) (LNG)

¨ Natural gas that has been cryogenically cooled to -260°F and stored in liquid form
¨ All basic properties similar to CNG; much greater energy content per volume of fuel.
¨ No LNG is currently produced in Ohio, but potential projects in development stage - potential feed stocks include landfill gas and coal mine methane.


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